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2 min readFeb 6, 2022


AreaXNFT the main marketplace on Telos Native went live on Telos EVM today. Their new marketplace utilise the speed and low gas fees on the worlds fastest, most secure and ESG compatible EVM. This move will also make the NFTs accessible for new users from the traditional L1/L2 systems built upon the GoEth VM technology.

Destiny World also Launched the first collection for Wayne Sheppard using the ERC-721 standard on this marketplace. Promoting Wayne Sheppard is one of our most intriguing tasks and it seems that the community loves him, no matter where he is.

Wayne even created his own Telegram Group where he teach prominent NFT artists how to make art from an idea and to not fear what others see in their productions.

The largest and most popular NFT marketplace on Telos Blockchain

Digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens built on Telos EVM. Buy, Sell, and discover exclusive digital assets.

We could not said it better than simply quote from AreaXNFT itself.

Destiny World see this move as a huge step for Telos, the Telos EVM and to embrace NFT collectors and artists from a multi-chain world.

Another awesome feature on AreaXNFT is the new B2C integration with dStor from GoodBlock. Xtorage give every user the opportunity to store their NFT data in a secure IPFS storage. NFTs minted this way will get a special tag attached to them so everyone can see that they are safely stored in the swarm.

The timing could not have been better…

Recently the new DEX OmniDEX, opened on Telos EVM and brought liquidity from Avalanche, Fantom and Ethereum as well as new users experiencing the almost too good instant speed and low fee based L1 EVM.

Together these these projects will bring a new era into the Telos space and give more utility across many communities.

And it doesn’t end here…

Telos Punks is almost ready for Launch, an amazing project that will be minted on AreaXNFT using the ERC-721 standard.

So the final question is, how does Destiny World fit into all this ?

  • Connecting Technology & People
  • Using the latest Trends in the Market

Say no more, watch our for the first announcement next week where we will give some hints of how all this is connected and much more!



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