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At the heart of Boid is the desire to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to all people. Boid acts as a gateway, lowering the barrier to entry for non-technical users to directly participate in blockchains and distributed computing projects. Boid has a social network layer, where users can join together in teams and compete on global leaderboards.

We have been following Boid since 2020, and we believe it is about time to introduce their EcoSystem in Destiny World. We do this by enabling their token BOID in our Auction, as well as set up a BOID-DECO pool at Telos Swaps. The BOID token can be seamlessly transferred between EOS and Telos, so this opens up many new opportunities for our community.

The Boid Power Pools running on EOS are simply amazing. We wanted to create something similar, but because Boid already made them, and they work flawlessly, we want to embrace them and show people how great ideas and tweaks can be something really fun, engaging and even social. This is Real Relative Advantage in our eyes.

BOID have many usecases already, and we believe that enabling it on Telos in our EcoSystem, we will bring more awareness to this wonderful project that carries out so much more than just the normal Crypto experience.

We strongly suggest that you read more on their website and join their telegram group.

And for all of you who want to really dig into the world of Boid, here is their whitepaper. It is written very well, and easy to understand.



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