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2 min readApr 18, 2022

Finally after several months of planning, partner discussions and drafting the next chapter of Destiny World, we are ready to release our plans for Binance Network with Fortis.

Destiny Airlines is the platform between three major blockchains in the space. Binance Network, Telos and Telos EVM. Seamless flows of tokens, NFTs and Adventures are some of the features we are deploying now with Fortis, our strategic partner.

Together Destiny World and Fortis will develop a huge EcoSystem across blockchains, and we are not behind. A new MetaVerse is also being developed and as usual, with a little tweak compared to others.

We call this initiative: Closing the Gap. For mass adoption we need something that is popular for multiple communities, why the products we deliver will have variations on each blockchain. Pinpointed to the retail users at their own doorstep.

Combining our main utility tokens FORT and DECO with DAIR is also in the wind. A reflection token being bridged and paired to give monetary value for any feature we build anywhere.

Partners are important and we build awareness across. Without a good cooperation with some of the best projects out there, we would be nothing. Together we are stronger, and together we bring more utility for all our users.

CyberChimps will play a significant role for Destiny Airlines, and they are not the last collection we will release. A Journey Builder giving utility and GameFi for existing NFT projects across blockchains, as well as many features in MetaCity.

Read the entire Pitch Deck and enjoy the next step from Destiny World and Fortis.



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