Destiny World Listing DRIC

Persian Telos is an active Block Producer on the Telos Blockchain. They are contributing with multiple projects more known as AreaXNFT where you can create and trade NFTs using the Marble NFT Standard. Other projects they have is the XPell game, their own eosio Telegram Wallet Hamian and a utility token Persian DRIC.

Destiny World has a tight cooperation with Persian Telos on multiple fronts and it is about time to extend the features in our platform with theirs.

We are proud to announce that we will add DRIC into the Auction platform and we are working on adding Hamian Wallet as the next wallet you can use in our EcoSystem.

Another interesting thing is that they are testing out the ERC-721 NFT standard on the Telos-EVM and that is also aligned with our own movements where value will float independently between major technology providers and furthermore add usecases to both projects.

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