Discontinued Tokens in Auctions

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1 min readApr 6


As you guys already know, we have discontinued three tokens from the Auction platform. Our frontend also generated an error, why we sent all tokens back out of these three to your native Telos Accounts.


TASK was a supercool project, but after they got hacked and we helped them merge the TASK token from the old contract to the new, there have been few or little updates. We are really sorry for discontinuing this token from the system and hope the team will be able to start up again. We really need a micro worker platform on Telos. If they do, we will add it immediately.

Unfortunately the old contract was broken by the hackers so the TASK tokens you see inside are not possible to transfer. They will be there as a sign of unfortunate events.


No need to repeat what we announced long time back, we’re finally rid of ECOIN from the system.


DRIC was discontinued by Persian Telos in favor of PE, all DRIC owners are able to merge the DRIC token to PE using their website.

DRIC to PE Merge: https://positron-token.com/

Thank you all for your understanding, and see you next week when we launch the Buff Aliens!



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