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Destiny World
2 min readFeb 3, 2024


TheManager — CBO

As the Chief Business Officer for Destiny World, The Manager will leverage on his diverse background and robust education from Norwegian School of Information Technology and BI Norwegian Business School to drive business strategy and growth.

His experience in various sectors will be of importance in crafting innovative approaches within the project. His structured leadership and respectful delegation will foster a team culture that prioritizes motivation, creativity, and innovation.

He will also be involved in nurturing relationships within business networks, establishing trust, and promoting a progressive culture for change, aligning with Destiny World’s forward-looking ethos.

Where do you see Destiny World in 3 years from now?
Well in three years, I envision Destiny World as a leading name in the metaverse space. I see us renowned for our innovation, user engagement, and with a sustainable business model that continually adapts to the evolving landscape of digital interactions and virtual economies.

What is your top priority next year?
The top priority for 2024 is to significantly expand our user base. We will do that by delivering captivating content, ensuring seamless integration of new features, and fostering strategic partnerships that amplify our reach and reinforce our market position.

What is the top challenge in the crypto-space today?
I think that the the primary challenge in the crypto-space today is navigating the volatility and regulatory uncertainty that can affect market stability. That also affects the user confidence, and the pace of innovation and adoption within the industry.




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