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4 min readJan 30, 2024


Today, we’ll explore our CIO Mr. Filip Poverud and his insights on our mission to establish Destiny World as a distinctive and enduring project.


My entire life I’ve been curious of how things work, how they are assembled and how they act in their environment. This led me into an eventful career where I touched base with various subjects from chemistry and physics to humanitarian work and even a military experience.

I love to see beyond and find the short- and long-term goals, hence design of models from abstract to tangible is what I really enjoy. But because of my curiosity I can also deep-dive into the least visible logical step and imagine how this would affect something far away through many transitions and transformations.

I ended up with IT where everything my colleagues would not touch, was something I embraced. The more difficult, the more fun. From first line support of printers and scanners, through print systems on mainframes, vast amount of integration platforms, databases and enterprise systems, I now use my experience the past 25 years to help, advise, build and buy solutions to support the business processes and make them valuable for years to come.

Today the goal of my journey is to become the best hands-on architect out there. Since I’m stubborn and sometimes very dedicated to my work, I also set strong requirements for myself before any commitment.

I’m not afraid to visualize rationale, nor the technical debt of a short-cut workaround.

Sometimes I tell my friends, here comes the old grumpy man with a smile and a little laugh. My humour is great I’m told, and most of my colleagues enjoy my company. Although I can be direct yet helpful and understanding when I explain how things are bundled together with impacts and consequences of choosing a path.

My strong analytic skills may sometimes give me multiple solutions to a problem before others, so good communication skills are also something I have developed. However, keeping things simple when you are really enthusiastic creates funny dynamics within team discussions. Albeit not harmful but enlightening.

If you want to know me better or just socialize around a common interest, grab a coffee and hit me up with a message.

Where do you see Destiny World in 3 years from now?

Destiny World will be a known brand in the crypto space with inventions enabling everyday people to enjoy blockchain and Web3 technology in a safe manner.
Our visions and mindsets target long term outcomes, and we tend to build products with a futuristic relative advantage.

We are very found of Data Driven Decisions in addition to optional Social Curation. The latest industry reports from dAppRadar show some very interesting numbers for two of our industry verticals.
We see that one product Destiny Nation, a Social Networking dApp is spot on with the latest activity on the major blockchains.

Adding DAO and Voting features as well as targeting the entire market like Fashion, Sports, Gaming and more, we see that these features will make the adoption of non-crypto customers easier than just deploying a typical crypto-dApp.

Another interesting observation is the volatile adoption of NFTs. We have NFTs targeting Games and Collections, as well as a brand-new model for Utility NFTs with competitive instrumentation compared with our competitors.

We also understand that composability is one of the many keys to success, so talking about NFTs, we incorporate these into our products with many new features. POAP, Certificates, Social Identity, Rewards, Loyalty and Reusability to mention a few.

With this type of design, we diversify the risk of losing attention and demand of the single utility NFT since it is combined across many types of Customers and Communities.

What is your top priority next year?

My priorities will be of the technical nature. Where I will develop a good company culture for the developer department and adopt principles, processes and methods for a continuous and healthy iteration between Time to Market, Prototyping and Customer Feedback.

  • Enable a good DevOps Method
  • Scheduled Events with continuous Development Updates
  • Include Community feedback
  • Prioritize Bugs and Incidents
  • Prioritize Security and Safety over Features

What is the top challenge in the crypto space today?

The space is still premature in its understanding of how blockchain technology may help people in a convenient way, focusing too much on fast flipping of assets and too many copycats and reactive development.
We need to make the blockchain technology stack incorporated into where

Customers and Businesses grow today, and that is particularly the trust between parties, onboarding business to Web3 and change the nature of how permissionless and resistance to free speech is built. We are still very early in our general adoption of this technology, and we strongly believe it will be part of our daily lives, the same way phones without buttons changed us back in the early 21’d century, and the same way generative AI is now a very popular word.

Destiny World is the outrageous project, challenging the traditional crypto space with what we believe is the secure and faster path to mainstream adoption.




Destiny World

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