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4 min readJan 29, 2024


After a Short intro of all core members, it’s time to get to know them in detail and their vision for the destiny world. Today we will dive into the details of our CEO.



I have NVQ 1.2.3 in business,

Degree in business and management.

I’ve owned 2 retail shops so have experience in all aspects of running a business.

Worked as VP of marketing for 2 crypto projects and I’ve been investing in crypto since 2016 so have a good knowledge of the overall market.

o Where I see Destiny World in 1 years’ time.

I see Destiny world having at least 2 of its major products launched these being the social site and journey builder, I see both products gaining real traction by the end of 2024 working with multiple partners and have good all-round social presence. With these 2 products launched and a solid MVP I see us being attractive to VC, s which helps us secure more SEED funding to continue building in to year 3. 2024 is a very important time for Destiny World to gain members confidence and support moving forward.

o Top 3 benefits of the merge with Crytter.

The top 3 benefits I see from the merge are we now have a real solid Core team with everyone having different skills that benefits the project and what we’re trying to achieve, we all have the same goals and visions of wanting to build a multi-functional social platform and now have the team to not only build it but to make it a big success and last but not least I believe our products really fit well together. Our MetaCity and Journey Builder will really work well inside the social app and I think each product connected will propel growth and help us on the way to running a successful company together.

o Where I see Destiny World in 3 years’ time.

In 3 years’, time I see Destiny world to be a player in the crypto space having all our products launched and having a fully functional social site like nothing else out there. I see us succeeding in building a big strong community and reaching the goal of mass adoption, I see Users being able to buy and sell crypto, store their tokens, invest in tokens, hold and lend NFT, s all within in their social profiles. I see our whole ecosystem being successful on multiple top blockchains with a multimillion MC and multiple VC, s invested in us. I see us with multiple big partnerships and that hub where projects are thriving using our technology. We will have a profitable sustainable company where Core members will have a competitive salary and the Core members being able to concentrate on the company full time.

o Biggest challenges in crypto today

Lack of Regulatory Clarity: The crypto industry is still relatively new and evolving, which means that regulatory frameworks are often unclear or inconsistent. This lack of regulatory clarity can make it challenging for legitimate projects to navigate the legal landscape when raising funds

Investor Trust and Reputation: Building and maintaining trust is crucial for any project seeking funding. Many investors have experienced scams and fraudulent activities in the crypto industry, leading to skepticism and caution. Legitimate projects must work hard to establish trust through transparency, regular communication, and demonstrating a strong track record.

Market Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are known for their price volatility, which can pose a risk to both investors and projects. The fluctuating market conditions can make it difficult for projects to accurately forecast their funding needs and for investors to assess potential returns on their investments.

Access to Traditional Funding Channels: Cryptocurrency projects often face challenges when accessing traditional funding sources, such as banks or venture capital firms. These traditional institutions may be hesitant or unfamiliar with the crypto space, leading to limited funding options for legitimate projects.

Regulation and Law Enforcement: Regulatory bodies like the SEC play a vital role in protecting investors from scams and fraudulent activities. Stricter laws and regulations are needed to help reduce the prevalence of scams and hold perpetrators accountable. Collaboration between regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies, and the crypto community is essential to combat scams effectively.

‌The issue of security, including hacks and theft, is a significant concern in the crypto space. Both individual users and large organizations need to prioritize security measures, such as utilizing secure wallets, implementing two-factor authentication, and regularly updating software. Additionally, projects can undergo thorough security audits and assessments by reputable firms to ensure the safety of their platforms.

‌The safety of users’ funds held by centralized exchanges is another area that requires attention. Exchanges should prioritize implementing robust security measures and protocols to safeguard user funds. Users can also mitigate risks by choosing reputable exchanges with a proven track record of security and by minimizing the amount of funds stored on exchanges for extended periods.

‌Overall, addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted approach involving project founders, investors, regulatory bodies, and the wider crypto community. By working together, we can improve trust, security, and long-term viability in the cryptocurrency space.




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