Product Presentation for the EVM Phase I

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2 min readNov 28, 2023

Journey Builder

Adventure Creation
NFT holders can use an online flow editor to create adventures for their NFTs. This means users can design custom experiences, quests, or stories for their digital assets.

Features and Enhancements
The platform offers various features such as random outcomes, music integration, merging of NFTs, tasks, upgrades, boosts, and rewards. These elements can add depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

Multi-Chain Support
NFTs created with JOURNEY BUILDER are designed to be compatible with multiple blockchain networks. This means your NFT can be used across various blockchain ecosystems, providing versatility and accessibility.

XP and Achievements
Users can earn experience points (XP) and unlock achievements as they progress through adventures. This gamification aspect can make the NFT ownership experience more engaging and rewarding.

Access to Projects
By completing adventures or achievements, users may gain access to exclusive projects or content. This incentivizes NFT holders to actively engage with their digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Rewards
JOURNEY BUILDER appears to offer the potential for cryptocurrency rewards, allowing NFT holders to earn digital currency while participating in the platform.

Lending and Staking
The platform may also allow NFT holders to lend their NFTs to others or stake them to earn project rewards. This adds additional utility and income potential to NFT ownership.

P2E, P2P, and NFT-Fi
The project aims to be the “World First NFT P2E” (Play-to-Earn), “P2P” (Peer-to-Peer), and “NFT-Fi” (a play on DeFi, meaning Decentralized Finance) platform for any NFT collection. This suggests a comprehensive set of features and functionalities.

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