Q1 — VC Delivery Plan Update

Destiny World
3 min readMar 8


1: DECO as main token for JumpStart

We have started the work on the Bridge and Oracles with Persian Telos. Currently because of the tech-gap between EOSIO and EVM, we need some small adjustments to make the bridge work. The exact reason is that we have multiple Token Contracts on one Smart Contract on EOSIO, this is not currently a standard on EVM. We will also run the bridge using https://ajor.io

2: Develop Journey Builder

We have a company willing to do this for us, meetings is planned this week, so when we start our deployments on BNB, things will move faster than anticipated in our previous 36 month delivery plan.

3: Finalize V2 of Telos Native dApp

As you know we switched the framework from React to Next, but performance testing showed a bad result, so we are now switching framework again. One of the main reasons for developing V2 is to improve performance and get rid of the annoying bugs we have for blockchain lookups on Wallets and Stakes. TBC.

4: Establish NFT Series for DAIR / JB

We have NFT series running on Telos Native and Telos EVM. As soon as we have bridged DECO in #1, we will enable a new collection sold for DECO. As previously stated, this NFT will give some advantages in Journey Builder.

5: Acquire more users

We acquire more users day by day, but without a running product on EVM, it is going slow. However, we have meetings with a marketing agency that showed interest, and with them we will see a new type of community members.

6 Sign a new partnership

We are in the process of signing two partnerships. This is not done in a day, there are requirements both ways, but as soon as we can publish, we will. For those of you that have followed previous VCs or announcements, there are hints.

7 Increase Funding

We have a retrospective with Sidekick Finance where we are going through the entire Campaign, Model, and also the contents. New Campaigns will be setup, final details will come very soon, we are soft targeting April if all conditions are in place.

8 Key Hires ( Advisors )

We are talking with two individuals that may be eligible for an Advisor role in Destiny World. This is a huge expansion of the Governance as they have important skills we need to grow. We also have successful meetings with Connectd, a company helping us with our Financial Model and an updated Sales Deck/Pitch. This also covers Asset Impacts, breakdown of User Acquisitions, $ Value of Orders and is a very needed tool for the more heavy investors. As well as a breakdown of Key Revenue streams for each product we deliver.

Sample Data of Financial Model

9 Establish frequent info-channels.

As we grow, we need to target more precise information to our communities. We will continue to work on SoMe ( Social Media ) and for this we may need more community members to manage the channels and language groups. More info to come when this is setup.


Some of you may have noticed that I spend time with Archly Finance.
This is a new Solidly AMM Fork working on multiple blockchains, a pure Telos EVM product that is deploying this week.
Hint: Possibly World First AMM on Blockchain Layer 0.
Hint: We need a place to setup our Pools.



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