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3 min readMar 16, 2023

Persian Telos, a well known company in the Crypto Space has built their own Block Explorer and a Bridge capable of teleporting tokens between multiple blockchains.

Persian Telos deliver Multiple Products for Blockchain Enthusiasts

Destiny World has been granted access to this Bridge and our Telos Native users are now able to move DECO — Destiny Coin between Telos Native and Telos EVM. This is a huge step for our multi-chain plans where DECO will get far more utility over time.

Ajor Block Explorer

The block explorer is full of useful features to make the user experience seamless, and at the bottom of the menu, you will find the Teleport.


With our main token on EVM we will be able to add multiple features to the token for a broader audience, as many products are developed on the EVM ecosystem.

Bridging to other EVM blockchains in the future is also something we are eager to look into.

Sidekick Finance JumpStart

One of the main utilities we will focus on is to use DECO as the Campaign Fee token for JumpStart.

JumpStart is the #1 NFT Crowdfunding platform in the space and it is used for crowdfunding anything, not only Crypto Projects. Our upcoming new Utility #NFT model will also run on this platform through Binance Network.

SideKick Finance Multi-Chain Crowdfunding

Token Pools

If we want DECO to be utilized in strong utilities, we also need token pools.
There are many places a pool could be setup, but the recent EVM project Archly Finance does not only offer Liquidity Pools, but also a new way of engaging the community and stakeholders through Voting with a vested NFT.

World First L0 Multi-Chain Solidly Fork

NFT Collections

Wayne Sheppard has already released some collections of his amazing art, but as soon as we are ready, the very first official Alien World collection will be minted and sold for DECO. These NFTs will get a special Perk when we launch the Journey Builder.

Technical Details

Telos Native CA: destinytoken
Telos EVM CA: 0x7e1cfe10949A6086A28C38aA4A43fDeAB34f198A

Token Symbol: DECO
Token Precision: 4

Telos Native Block Explorer:
Telos EVM Block Explorer:

The Future is Bright, and with all the opportunities we work with behind the scenes, Q1 of 2023 could not be a better timing to open this for our communities.


A very Special #Shoutout to Vahid, MAD Feli and Tec for making all this possible.

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